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Getting swimsuit season ready...

How do you do it? Step 1. Buy a swimsuit. Step 2. Put it on your body. Tadaa! You are swimsuit season ready.

It’s that time of year again. Where we hear endless pitches from clothing advertisers, diet and fitness coaches, and general mainstream media. They speak of all the ways to get ‘bikini body ready’ and talk about how to drop that last five pounds before summer starts. Swimsuit companies roll out ads with fuller woman in bathing suits your grandma would wear, talking about ‘full coverage’ and hiding you ‘trouble spots’. And let’s be clear- if you and your grandma both like the same style suit- and that’s what makes you feel good -by all means, wear the swim skirt and long top. But it’s worth asking yourself if you’re wearing it because you want to or because someone else decided what body type gets to wear a two piece. Because the only person they should have an opinion on what you wear- to the beach or the office- is you.

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