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I didn't work out once last week.

I got the flu and truly felt horrible. Exercise was the last thing on my mind-the first was getting my kids to school so I could zone out on TV and not think about all the things I was not capable of doing.

I didn't once think about muscle loss. Or calories I was not burning. Or if I was gaining weight. Or how I would need to absolutely crush it the following week- in both diet and workouts.

I did prepare nutrient dense foods for myself. I did eat my 2 squares of dark chocolate with sea salt each night. I did drink an exorbitant amount of tea. I did say no to the second Paczki (it was fat Tuesday after all) because I knew it wouldn't serve me well. I did prioritize sleep- often going to bed before my young children. And after a full week, all was normal again.

That first workout back wasn't great- most of it was mobility work that left me sore the next day. But a couple days after that I put the most weight on the barbell I ever have for hip thrusts- and got through 3 sets of 12 without completely falling apart. Boom.

True wellness isn't about perfection, it's about consistency. All your strength won't disappear if you miss a week or two of workouts. You won't gain a bunch of weight because you ate all that amazing food while on vacation or if you decide your body needs a break from HIIT class. True wellness is a lifelong journey, honoring all the bumps along the way. The point of it all is to just start again, to just keep going-no matter how bumpy the road gets.

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