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The all or nothing mentality doesn't serve anyone.

You've got a crazy week this week. Between work and kid schedules, there isn't a moment to breathe, let alone workout. Might as well call it a loss and try again next week.

Has this ever been you?

For sure I've been there. Weeks where time was not on my side, where I was counting down the days until the weekend, when I'd have a solid hour to myself, and then I could fit in a workout.

The truth about movement is that it all matters. There are so many ways to add motion in your day. The tried and true 'take the stairs' approach always wins. Parking your car in the back of the lot gets you some steps. Riding your bike to work gets you outside and is fantastic aerobic exercise. It all adds up. And this same mentality applies to your workout goals. If you only have 15 minutes, use em. Pick 2-4 movements, a certain number of reps for each, and cycle through until your times up. Done. At soccer practice, do some walking lunges around the field if you are so inclined. Setting your alarm an extra 10 minutes to get in some mobility work or yoga makes a huge difference. Because consistency beats perfection every single time. Things will always come up and threaten to derail your best laid fitness plans. But learning how to add fitness into your busy schedule helps take the stress out of your busy schedule. Because being mentally and physically healthy is a life long journey, and learning to enjoy the process should be the goal.

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