• Gretchen

The best way to train is....

...the kind of training that makes you show up again and again.

Between box gyms, boutique studios, personal training, online coaching- and the list goes on- there is something for everyone. I've been asked countless times what the best way to exercise is. And although I have my personal preferences (hello kettlebells), I know that there is no one answer. Because there is no 'best' when it comes to movement. Do you love to lift heavy? Excellent. Prefer Pilates? Get it. Does Zumba make you happy? Dance away. I'm a big fan of trying all the things until you find what works for you, what makes you want to do it again. Because the best way to train is really about training consistently, it's about just showing up. And when you can look at your workout as something you 'get to do' instead of a 'have to do', you're training the best way for you.

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