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Why is Mobility so important?

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

If you google the definition for mobility, the first definition that comes up is 'the ability to move or be moved freely and easily'. I think this is a great intro to what it means to be mobile. It highlights the very thing that separates it from flexibility: intentional action. Yes, passive flexibility is an important part of fitness. But having the ability to get in and out of an end range of motion is the key to not only improving your training, but preventing injury along the way.

An easy example of this difference is the ability to tie your shoe. In real life, bending over into a forward fold requires mobility in your hips, hamstrings, back. The same person who has a difficult time doing this- often assuming lack of hamstring flexibility as the culprit - could quite possibly lie on their back with their leg up and pulled in towards their body, no problem.

Being able to move with both freedom and ease requires work and practice. My personal evolution in training has changed my perspective on this. I once viewed mobility exercises as a necessary evil, as an add on to a workout one day a week, as a time suck when I could be lifting or running instead. Today (and for many years), I see mobility as the goal. As the end game. I begin every workout with it and add it into whatever my routine is for the day. Some days it's the only work I do. Being able to move freely and without pain adds so much value not only to your training program, but to your quality of life.

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