"I am 58 years old and exercise has always been an important part of my life. A “need” for both my body and mind. For the past 10 years in Ann Arbor,  I have been going to a fitness center to “get my heart pumping” and tone my muscles. 

Then Covid entered stage right and the wheels came off the cart. Soon after,  plantar fasciitis raised its ugly head and a shoulder injury sent me into a tailspin. A bit dramatic I agree, but when your use to feeling fit, all if this was a game changer in my small world. I recognized I needed help getting healthy again.  I needed inspiration and someone to help me stay on track.

Gretchen was that person. Why?  She took time to get to know ME and my fitness desires and together we came up with concrete goals. My experience was completely virtual.  I did not find that an obstacle in the least. The training app she uses is very easy to navigate and she incorporates verbal instructions for each exercise as well as videos of HER doing the movements. So I never felt like I was at a loss. She was  also extremely responsive. Anytime I had a question she was a text away! 

In the 4 months I worked with Gretchen I can see/feel marked improvement in my strength and flexibility, especially in problem areas such as my right shoulder.

In a nutshell, I am so glad I reached out to Gretchen and so grateful that I have a caring, intelligent, and competent professional at my  “virtual” side. I highly recommend her and will continue to work with her... Covid or no Covid."

- Nina Turcato


“No matter where you live, you can work with this amazing coach through her virtual training program.  To be honest, I was skeptical about it, but with zoom, sharing videos, and once a week chats it’s been amazing.  My program is specifically for me and works around the issues I’ve been battling (5 years of debilitating back pain that ended up not being my back!).  Working with Gretchen was the perfect step after physical therapy and for the first time in 5+ years I’m not in pain, feel strong, and most importantly, I feel like I can trust my body again.”

- Jodi H.


"I’ve worked with Gretchen for around five years. She takes the time to learn about you. She is always ready to adapt exercises or movements to accommodate current or persistent issues. Through the KB collaborative I can access an extensive library of the KB routines and, what seems a bonus are the ten minute mobility routines which are designed for different areas of the body. The KB Workouts are clearly described and the videos are helpful, initially and to refer back to as the month progresses. Gretchen cares about form, the videos provide useful reminders, she also checks our form during the live virtual sessions - I’m not sure how she manages just through the the on-screener video images but she does! She’s provided me with the tools to know how and when to adapt exercises to the current state of a knee issue and the confidence to know when easing up or resting is also what’s needed. Gretchen is realistic in her approach and I really value and trust her."

​- Rebecca G.

"I've worked closely with Gretchen over the past three plus years in both the personal training realm, as well as group fitness classes. I have been a regular attendee of her HIIT and Kettlebell classes over those years. She's simply the best there is. She cares. She has a very welcoming and friendly style to which students gravitate. And she's hardcore in putting together a tough workout for those that like to challenge their bodies. She has a deep-rooted passion for all things health and fitness that in turn benefit her clients and students in so many ways. As my personal trainer, she put together comprehensive, ever-changing, challenging workouts based on my specific goals. When my goals changed, so did the workouts. When I first started training with Gretchen, she took so much time getting to know me and the current health of my body and what it could do, safely. Gretchen is known in group fitness classes to proactively understand any current/old injuries her students may have and make suggestions throughout class for ways he/she may be able to modify a move to be more safe. I've been to many gyms/studios over the last fifteen years and I've not once been asked that question by another instructor. She cares about her clients/students, and their safety, and it shows. She has a wealth of information with which to construct the most challenging and exciting classes that people continue to seek her out again and again...all over town. My life is infinitely better with Gretchen a part of it!"

- Allison Gacek


"Gretchen’s gift as an instructor, trainer and coach is her ability listen to what you are trying to accomplish and then apply her vast fitness knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

She is one of the most engaging people I know and always makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world when she talks to you.  Even in one of her classes, the moment she is talking with you to tighten up your form or words of encouragement, you feel like you’re in a one-on-one session.

For me personally, Gretchen designed a workout to get me back into tennis after several years off due to injury and surgery.  The program was a mix of strength, agility and interval training.  By  using her direction, when I returned to tennis I was able to get back into it quickly.  My technique was rusty, but my fitness kept me competitive and able to play.  This routine is something that I continue to do and improves my playing as well as minimizing injury.

During training sessions, Gretchen has a unique balance of providing encouraging words and a little tough love to help you push yourself to a higher level.  Whether you’re starting a fitness routine for the first time, or an experienced athlete, she will take the time to learn what you’re trying to accomplish and help you maximize your potential.  I am always impressed at how she stresses good form over everything else.  This provides a more effective workout and prevents injury."

​- Deveaux Gauger



"I’ve been hooked on Gretchen workouts since my kettlebells session in her driveway. In

addition to the class being a vibrant, dynamic workout, her technical instructions in terms of

how to use the weights safely and effectively was exceptional. Gretchen was able to clearly

explain and demonstrate the exercises to the class as a whole, and took the time to watch

carefully and make individual corrections as we worked. When we moved to Zoom classes last

year, I was impressed that the workout level and the amount of individual support and

corrections did not diminish. Gretchen is an attentive, focused instructor who always makes me

safe and cared for. At the start of 2021, Gretchen began designing individual workouts, tailored

to my needs and goals. They are among the highlights of my week."

-Tamara S.




"I'm so glad that I started working with you!  You actually listen to me when I tell you what works and what doesn't, and most importantly, you offer encouragement that it's okay when a workout isn't "perfect", making it easier to show up for myself in my workouts :)

The online aspect of the program is super convenient!  I work 40 hours a week from home, and to not have to make time to drive to and from a gym is huge for me.  You took the time to ask me about what equipment I have, and what kind of space I'd be working out in so you could tailor my workouts to fit my life.  I think that even if I didn't have anything you'd be able to create a program for me that works.  And the True Coach app is really easy to use!  It makes it easy to keep track of my weights and reps, so I can monitor my progress.  It's also really convenient for keeping in touch with you if I have questions about my workouts.
I'm so glad I pulled the trigger and signed up with you, Gretchen!  I've been working out a long time and your ideas about what a good workout program should be are so refreshing and positive--revolutionary, really.  I still have pain, as you know, but since I started working out with you I have many ways to help manage that pain, and I can't thank you enough for working through it with me :)  You've given me the tools to be able to improve my strength and mobility, and have way more pain-free days.

-Stacy G.


"Before I started working with Gretchen, I was strong and fit AND I was muscling through pain and reinforcing the imbalances and compensatory movement patterns contributing to it. Gretchen is focused on balancing out my strength and mobility so I can engage the right muscles when doing the badass heavy stuff-- and it has made such a difference! Gretchen's methodical and layered approach, combined with her technical expertise and this-should-be-enjoyable-and-sustainable attitude have been key to my progress and consistency."

- Julie F.





 "I've been working with Gretchen for approximately 4 1/2 months.  When I started, my lower back and leg pain was so bad it took me 15 seconds to get down to the floor for a basic mobility exercise.  What's happened since then has been a slow, intentional, step by step process, the latest result of which was an impromptu dance party on NYE in my backyard.  Gretchen understands and respects the process, the fear of pain, the questions of motivation, to a degreee I've not experienced before in personal coaching and she works with you where you are.  She gives you the permission you won't give yourself, which is to say i've learned more than just the best way to stretch or mobilize a particular part of my body from working with her. I've learned how to approach and work through all the psychological stuff that goes with it.  She's great and I highly recommend working with her."

Kelly C.

"I was terrified to swing a kettlebell when I started taking Gretchen's class.  I had been struggling with debilitating back pain for years by the time I met her.  I had been through multiple rounds of PT and years of Pilates.  It was a pilates instructor that recommended Gretchen.  

 At the time, my kids were young and I was unable to play with them the way I wanted.  Riding a bike was hit or miss.  Throwing a frisbee was out of the question.   After years of various therapies, I still felt like I was walking on a tightrope -- any wrong move and I fell off into an abyss of serious pain. Swinging a kettlebell seemed like the absolutely wrong thing to do, but Gretchen has a quiet confidence that somehow I trusted.  And I'm sooo glad I did!   Gretchen's approach to fitness is exactly what I needed.  It's about strengthening your body in all ways and all ranges of motion, so you can handle the trips and falls and weirdnesses of playing with kids and walking dogs and getting old!  I'm 10 years older than I was when my back failed me, but I'm stronger and more resilient than ever.  It really feels like a miracle.  Gretchen deserves all the credit!"

- Jennifer C.



"I am constantly amazed by Gretchen's knowledge of the body and the ways it moves.  When I started kettlebell classes with her, I had had hip and hamstring pain for about a year from running.  She taught me a few simple stretches and exercises to do when I work out that target those areas and my pain has now been gone for years.  At other times, I have pulled a back muscle on an elliptical or sprained my wrist falling on ice, and I never worried that I could still go to Gretchen's classes.  I knew she had me covered and would help me modify until I was back to full strength.  She takes her work very seriously and is so good at it.  I'm so happy I found her all those years ago (and so are my hamstrings)!

Gretchen is a wonderful fitness coach, but she is also so much more!  She is supportive when you need to go light one day, ready to really challenge you when you are ready to go hard one day, and encouraging and awesome on every day in between.  She pays attention to form like no other fitness coach I have ever met.  And she has modifications for everything!  I started with Gretchen with no strength training experience whatsoever.  She cares deeply and authentically about your health, fitness, and wellness, and will work with you wherever you are. "

- AC Webre

"I was beyond middle aged and had barely seen a kettlebell when I walked into one of Gretchen's classes about two years ago.  I’ve hardly missed a class since.  It’s not that I love kettlebells, although the class is a great workout. It’s that Gretchen is such a great teacher. I’m now in her Bodyweight Strength and Mobility Class, too, and I would sign up for any class she offered.  Over the years I’ve taken a lot of classes and taught a lot myself.  Gretchen is one of the best teachers I’ve ever met in any context.  She is thoroughly professional, deeply knowledgeable, growing in her own knowledge, motivating, engaged, caring. She has a way of getting to know each person in a class, gauging their fitness level, setting individual goals for them but also keeping the whole class going at speed.  In all she possesses a remarkable skill set and one that could benefit anyone.  Remarkably she is able to transfer all of her great attributes to the online environment: being in an online class with Gretchen is basically the same as being in a face to face class."

- Terrance McDonald

"Gretchen is an absolute gem!  I have never felt stronger and I attribute that to my workouts with her.  She has complete mastery and understanding of how the body works and how best to maximize each workout to align with your goals.  On top of her extensive knowledge, I feel that she's a great motivator and truly cares about my development.  I feel lucky to have found a trainer like her."

- Madelyn Lew









"I have been going to Gretchen's classes for 3 years and have taken Kettlebell, HIIT, TRX, and kickboxing HIIT classes from her. Gretchen obviously puts a lot of thought and care into the planning of her classes, paying special attention to any modifications that can be made based on fitness level, injuries, or ability. Not only do I get a great workout, but I know that I am properly warmed up and using the correct form for each of the exercises in class. I have also built skills, strength, and mobility over the years. I have trained with Gretchen throughout two pregnancies and Gretchen made sure that I modified exercises for safety. She also helped me to ease back into my fitness routine post-partum, making sure I scaled exercises to challenge myself but be mindful of what was best for my body at that time. 

Not only have I gotten into great shape working out with Gretchen but her classes are also a lot of fun. She has upbeat music (and takes requests) and rotates between exercises each class so that it is never boring. Gretchen's classes also attract a supportive and positive group of people, making for a social workout crew. I try to go to every class Gretchen offers when I can!"

​- Amy Fulton

"Gretchen’s kettlebell classes provide a comprehensive holistic workout. It’s more than moving kettlebells around, it’s also about balance, form, and focus. The workouts are continually varied, providing stimulating and challenging exercises that effectively engage all parts of the body, with a strong core as the foundation. Gretchen is tuned into each person and is constantly monitoring and providing customized variations of routines, even on zoom. It’s difficult to conceive a better way to strengthen and get a cardio workout. Inspiring. I’m definitely hooked on Gretchen’s workouts!"

​- John Kingston