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Kettlebell training is
absolutely my favorite way to
build strength and mobility,
AND to prevent injury. The
ability to move from one
move into the next- and to
add non impact aerobic work
while also building full body
strength-is incomparable.
KB training as been key to
getting both myself and
countless clients out of
general pain and into
freedom of movement.


I often say that before you
pick up any piece of
equipment, you've gotta learn
how to move your body on its
own first.
Whether you're new to fitness
or have been exercising your
whole life, bodyweight
exercises are integral to
longevity and overall
strength. And EVERY client
will have bodyweight mobility
work as part of their

Everything Else

What if you don't have
kettlebells? Or know
anything about them? Or
what if you don't like them?

No problem. With one on one
training, everything is
customized. I build
programs based on your
goals- using what equipment
you not only have access to,
but actually ENJOY using.


1:1 Coaching


Fitness focused on STRENGTH, MOBILITY and DURABILITY to get you strong, feeling good and moving well in your body again- all while preventing future injury.

A customized training program to gain strength, move well, and feel good in your body now and for life.My highly personalized workout program is developed around you- your life, your equipment, your goals, your abilities, AND your cranky shoulder.  With the use of training software, you get daily emails with your workouts, phone check ins and video sharing for both accountability and to make sure you're working in the safest and most sufficient way possible.Click the link below to fill out an application to see if we'd be a good fit.  I'll review it and get back to you within 72 hours.

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Our work together begins with lots of conversation, a written health assessment, and a virtual movement assessment. I get all the information I need- from your injuries and health requirements to your equipment access, preferences, goals and schedule needs. Clarity and goal setting is where we begin.











I take all that information and put together a highly personalized, doable and sustainable plan for the following four months. Why four months? Because it takes consistent and dedicated work to make real change. And I want you to succeed in reaching your goals.
After you reach your four months, you can continue on a month to month basis if you would like to continue with your programming.










From there, we'll meet over zoom to go over your first month of moves. Your workouts will progress throughout the month, but won't vary entirely. Switching up your workout sooner than 4 weeks doesn't give your body a time to adapt to the exercises themselves- and the strength/mobility goal of the exercise won't be reached...
From there, we'll use a training app that emails your workouts to you- with videos and written descriptions of each move- each week. It will also allow you to send videos back to me for form check.
We'll check in over the phone weekly for 30 minutes, and you'll have text access to me (via that same training app) Monday-Friday 9-5 to answer any questions, Each month you'll get a new workout, and a new zoom session to go over it, until your program is complete.

The Kettlebell Collaborative

Doors open for new members 2-3 times/year.  Currently accepting new clients for session begining 12/6/21.


The KB Collaborative is the only kettlebell program that helps you build strength and move with ease, with support from an expert and a community that uses fitness as a way to build you up, not make you smaller.


It’s a training program and community  that teaches you how to build fitness without the bullshit that diet culture sells. 


Here, we look at exercise from a place of enjoyment, sustainability, and doability.  Where you get support to move in a way that’s challenging- but also honors where you’re at today.  

It’s a training program and community that breaks down stereotypes of what fitness is, what health looks like, and teaches you meaningful and helpful concepts (what is Progressive Overload?  Why should we train barefoot? How does your diet affect your training?).







Looking for a solid kettlebell program that not only builds strength, decreases aches and pains, but ALSO teaches you good form and proper technique?  I got you.



Does this sound familiar?


Do kettlebells look like fun to you but you think swinging a cast iron ball with a handle looks seriously dangerous?

Or have you been playing around with them for a while, not really sure what you’re supposed to be doing with them?

Have you hurt yourself before and are afraid to do it again?

Do you wonder if you’re swinging safely?

Do you want to learn how to do a proper Turkish Get Up (or learn what it even is) in a safe, progressive way?

Do you want a program that not only builds strength to lift heavy things, but to also move those things without tweaking your back or hurting your shoulder again?

Do you want a program that allows you to go at your own pace, on your own time, according to your own schedule?


Welcome to the Blueprint.


If you’ve tried other KB programs or challenges- and felt lost or just not confident in how you’re moving- you’ve come to the right place.

This is the only kettlebell program that teaches you a TON of ways to modify each move, so you’ll always feel like you have a place to start- and that you have places to go.

This is the only kettlebell program that prioritizes not just swinging kettlebells safely, but making sure you experience moving them in different ways.

This is the only kettlebell program that combines bodyweight mobility moves with strength building kettlebell exercises to reduce aches and pains and create movement with ease.



In eight weeks you’ll…


-Learn a new kettlebell skill (or two) each week and use that skill in a workout that gives you plenty of practice with it

-Gain the confidence you need to swing and clean bells efficiently and safely

-Feel the progress from mastering a move, and challenge yourself with the next one designed to build off of the week before

-Learn how to move your body in ways to reduce those aches and move more freely in your body


What you can expect with your registration:


-Access to a new workout each week (warmup video included), with a video breakdown of a skill and a written 45 minute-ish full body workout (with video exercise demo's) that compliments that move

-A different bonus 10 minute follow along mobility video that can be used as a cool down, warm up, or any day to increase your range of motion and feel good in your body

Bonus materials including a basic KB Flow!





I come across so many people who love kettlebells but are not quite sure how to use them or how to make the most of them.  People feel either afraid they're going to injure themselves or aren't quite sure of how and why kettlebells benefit them.  And I don't blame them!  I see plenty of programs out there that either use kettlebells as dumbbells (completely missing out on all the fun kettlebells can be!) or programming that's all over the place.  The workouts have a variety of exercises that don't allow you to become proficient at any one thing.

That's where this program comes in.  I want you to know exactly what you’re doing when you pick up a kettlebell, and to feel the confidence that comes with owning your movements.  Each week you'll have the opportunity to really refine your skill and build for the next week, when we add on the next exercise.  This is how you build a strong base of strength that allows you to build progressively and safely. 




*If you’re not new to exercise, this program is for you.

The weekly written workouts will have some basic strength building moves.  Think squats, rows, pushups, presses.  If those words don't conjure up an image in your brain- and some comfort in doing them- I’d skip this program.

*If you’ve had kettlebell experience or none at all, this program is for you- there will be instructions to accommodate for different levels. In all my years of teaching kettlebells, I can honestly say that most people need some refinement.  Kettlebells require know-how to be safe!  And even if you have it, I'm a huge fan of spending time to review the basics- something I do often myself.  You can always find ways to improve.

*If you are looking for a program that is progressive, safe, and focused on form, this is for you.  Each week will build off the previous week.  By the end of it,  you'll have  many new moves in your arsenal, you’ll feel confident in your kettlebell skills, and you'll feel stronger and move easier.




*If you are looking a different workout each day of the week, this isn't for you. The truth about strength and skill building is that it takes TIME and PRACTICE, or as I always say, reps on reps.  

*If you are looking for short HIIT workouts or metcons, this isn't for you. This program is designed to build a base of strength and skill- something that I think should be a pre-requisite to HIIT workouts anyway.  If you aren't willing to commit to 2-3 days a week and spend 30-45 minutes (workout length depends on your level), a different program would better suit you. 

*If you don't have access to kettlebells, this isn't for you.  You need a KB that you can swing and one that you can press overhead is necessary.  Although moves can be modified with a dumbbell, a huge part of this program is building kettlebell skills.  Having a heavier weight you can swing and a lighter one for cleans and presses is necessary.

*If you're on another program, I wouldn't suggest doing that AND this.  

*If you've already been strength training consistently, then 2-3 times/wk of these workouts and your lower intensity movements (walking, biking, yoga) or steady state cardio is enough.  If you're newer to regular strength training, start with two of these KB sessions/wk, adding in lower intensity movements if and when it feels right.


The Blueprint is waiting for you.  Click below to get access right now.